Questions asked of proposed 'Front of Pack Labelling' options in Australia

By Joe Lederman and Charles Fisher
FoodLegal Lawyers and Consultants
© Lawmedia Pty Ltd, March 2010


Front-of-Pack Labelling, a yet-to-be-finalised new standardised format of labelling that will use prominent text and/or graphics or logos on the front of a package that the government hopes will help simplify the current labelling information on the nutritive aspects of a food product, seems to be a foregone conclusion since the release of the Ministerial Council Policy Statement in October 2009. However, recent studies done on front-of-pack labelling systems overseas prompts questions as to the best method to use, or whether it is necessary at all. This article provides readers with an analysis of the various systems being used overseas and which are currently being considered by Australian regulatory authorities.


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