Q. Will InHouse keep up to date with any changes to the Food Standards Code?
A. Yes. InHouse is constantly being updated to reflect any changes within the Food Standards Code and also as they happen within the food industry.
InHouse subscribers will receive monthly email alerts to flag any changes made to InHouse. There is also a Notification and Updates tab on the right hand side of the screen that will identify recent changes and additions.

Q. Does InHouse address areas of regulation outside of the Food Standards Code?
A. Yes, InHouse provides comprehensive guidance on a range of areas of regulation, such as trade measurement, ACCC, Australian Consumer Law, Health Star Rating system, Food Acts etc.

Q. Can I access individual Standards from the Food Standards Code?
A. All Standards and Schedules are accessible, full searchable and printable within InHouse.

Q. Does InHouse provide case studies and examples?
A. Yes, there are relevant links to case studies provided where applicable for each category. Examples are provided throughout InHouse documents where relevant to assist in decision making and interpretation.