Foreword (April 2024)

By John Thisgaard, Jenny Awad (FoodLegal Bulletin Co-Editors) and Joe Lederman (FoodLegal Chairperson and Co-Editor)

Welcome to the April 2024 edition of FoodLegal Bulletin!

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·        What information must be included in a Nutrition Information Panel?

·        Is my product eligible to make a health claim?

·        Does my health claim require self-substantiation?

·        What are the requirements if making a nutrition content claim?

·        How serve sizes and product weight can impact your ability to make claims?

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3.     In this April 2024 edition of FoodLegal Bulletin

In this FoodLegal Bulletin, our FREE article “Current developments in food law and policy in Australia and internationally” updates the latest in regulatory developments and news.

In “ACCC enforcement priorities for 2024-2025: impacts for food businesses”, we explore the ACCC enforcement priorities using case examples, and explain how businesses can reduce risk.

In “Decision-making factors in considering a food recall”, we address some of the key decision-making issues and processes for a food business facing a potential recall scenario.

In “How does Australia's chemical regulatory system interact with its food regulatory framework?” we explore some of the issues when using chemical substances relevant to more than the food regulatory framework.

In “Safety and Regulatory concerns of seaweed contaminants in food”, we explore the latest scientific developments regarding the potential benefits of seaweed, the substances that could pose a contamination risk and the relevant regulatory limits.

In “How rapid food safety test methods can be used in food manufacture and comparisons with conventional testing methods” we consider conventional and rapid food safety test methods and compare factors such as sensitivity, time and complexity.

We hope you enjoy this April 2024 edition of FoodLegal Bulletin!

John Thisgaard, Jenny Awad and Joe Lederman

FoodLegal Bulletin

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