Foreword (December 2021)


By John Thisgaard, Jenny Awad (FoodLegal Bulletin Co-Editors) and Joe Lederman (FoodLegal Chairperson and Co-Editor)

Welcome to the December 2021-January 2022 bumper edition of FoodLegal Bulletin!

1.     Upcoming FoodLegal events

FoodLegal is running the following workshops in February and March 2022:

Food Labelling 101

This full-day workshop will dive into the nitty gritty of food labelling and how to make your label compliant for import and sale into Australia and New Zealand.

·        New date added – Thursday 24 March 2022 – Book here

·        Thursday 3 February 2022 – Book here

Health Marketing of Food

This half-day workshop is vital for anyone using health positioning to set their food products apart in a time when consumers are crying out for healthy products... while food regulators, the ACCC, and the TGA are all cracking down on such marketing.

·        Thursday 17 February 2022 – Book here


2.     FoodLegal Supplier Survey winner announced

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our December 2021 Supplier Survey.

We congratulate Stephanie Coronado of Dr Oetker, who is our December 2021 Supplier Survey winner!


3.     In this December 2021-January 2022 bumper edition of FoodLegal Bulletin

In this FoodLegal Bulletin, our FREE article “Current developments in food law and policy in Australia and overseas” updates the latest in regulatory developments and news.

In “Requirements for minimum required recycled components in packaging inputs”, FoodLegal Senior Lawyer John Thisgaard addresses the implications of recycled content and recyclability targets on packaging suppliers and food businesses.

Our article “Trade samples for selling food products in Australia: What laws apply?” explores relevant laws and provides important information for a food business to consider surrounding the provision of trade samples in Australia.

Our article “The regulatory framework for selling eggs in Australia” considers key regulatory issues and legal requirements relating to the production, sale and marketing of eggs and egg products in Australia.

Ad Standards views on “natural”, “sustainable” and “healthy” claims made by Grill’d” by FoodLegal Co-Principal Jenny Awad discusses the application of the Ad Standards framework to food businesses and legal risks that food businesses should be aware of regardless of the outcome of an Ad Standards decision.

Our article “Regulatory options for energy labelling of alcoholic beverages” highlights the important issues being considered by regulators as possible options in the development of energy labelling options for alcoholic beverages.

Our article “Cybersecurity regulation and the food industry” mentions relevant laws and applicable different areas of risk in cybersecurity and data protection that are relevant to the food industry.

We hope you enjoy this December 2021-January 2022 bumper edition of FoodLegal Bulletin!

John Thisgaard, Jenny Awad and Joe Lederman

FoodLegal Bulletin


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