Foreword (May 2020)

By Joe Lederman (FoodLegal Chairperson), John Thisgaard and Jenny Awad (FoodLegal Bulletin Co-Editors)

Welcome to the May 2020 edition of FoodLegal Bulletin!

In this May 2020 edition of FoodLegal Bulletin

Our FREE article “Current developments in food law and policy in Australia and elsewhere” provides this month’s update on new regulatory developments and scientific developments that impact food producers and suppliers, beginning with Australia, but also internationally.

Our second FREE article “MaximumResidue Limits: Is FSANZ endorsement of Codex MRLs right or wrong?” raises concerns about the potential effects of a FSANZ proposal to consider a default to automatic harmonisation with international MRLs.

Our article “When can a food description become a protected Geographical Indicator?” explores the questions surrounding how and when a food description can obtain international protection as a Geographical Indicator, addressing the current international dispute in the prosecco scenario as a case study.

Our article “Proposed draft changes for Australian export rules for meat and meat products” addresses how proposed amendments might apply to the export of Australian meat and meat products, and explores how the Government proposes to address some of the previous submissions from stakeholders.

In the context of various consumer trends towards plant-based foods and raw and natural products, the article “Natural toxic and antinutrient compounds in plants and processing steps to eliminate them” by FoodLegal Scientist Rozita Vaskoska examines the natural toxicities in many plant foods. Food regulators might need to give greater attention to inform consumers of these additional health and safety risks.

Our article “Victoria’s proposed Container Deposit Scheme and other waste management initiatives” considers how the Victorian Container Deposit Scheme fits in with other Victorian waste management initiatives. The article considers other opportunities in the food product packaging regulatory environment, and how the proposed Victorian scheme will operate in conjunction with the Container Deposit Schemes of other Australian jurisdictions.

We hope you enjoy this May 2020 edition of FoodLegal Bulletin!

Joe Lederman, John Thisgaard and Jenny Awad

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