Victorian DHS Response to VCEC's Recommended Food Law Changes

By Joe Lederman and Charles Fisher
FoodLegal Lawyers and Consultants
© Lawmedia Pty Ltd, August 2008


The Victorian Department of Human Services has requested that submissions be made by 2 September 2008 with regards to its Consultation Paper setting out proposals to amend Victoria’s Food Act 1984 in the follow-up to the September 2007 report by the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission (‘VCEC’). VCEC is a body that operates within the Victorian Treasury and has played an important role in policy formation for the Victorian government across many areas of governance. Its investigations and findings in the food regulatory field should be an eye-opener for all other jurisdictions and create the opportunity for consistent policy implementation at a national level if and when other State and Territory jurisdictions become interested in adopting similar recommendations.


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