FSANZ releases Final Assessment Report to introduce a new Health claims Standard

by Joe Lederman and John Gao © Lawmedia Pty Ltd, April 2008
Australian Food Lawyers and Consultants

On 10 April 2008, Food Standards Australia New Zealand released the long awaited Final Assessment Report for Proposal P293 which is aimed at introducing a new Standard 1.2.7 which will set out requirements for health claims, nutrition claims and related claims such as cause related marketing, dietary information and endorsements.

The latest draft includes some significant changes since the last draft released in the Preliminary Final Assessment Report in April 2007. Our commentary and analysis on the previous draft can be found by clicking here.

The Final Assessment Report released on 10 April 2008 is expected to be the last report generated by FSANZ before the draft Standard is to be submitted to the Australia New Zealand Food Regulation Ministerial Council (‘ANZFRMC’) for approval. It is now expected that the new Standard will come into force by the middle of this year.

We provide our commentary and analysis on the latest draft of the proposed Standard 1.2.7 in another article, which is available only to subscribers. In addition, FoodLegal will be running seminars and workshops around Australia on the new Standard. FoodLegal also provides professional legal advice on health and nutrition claims, Trade Practices law and other legal issues in food marketing.

The latest report from FSANZ can be found by clicking here.

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