Food Labelling 101

This interactive half-day workshop presented by FoodLegal’s Charles Fisher will walk you through all the elements you need to consider when developing your product label, from allergen statements to ingredients lists. 

This event is vital for anyone who is starting their journey into food labels and regulation, as well as those who are seeking an update on their labelling knowledge.

We will help you answer all these questions and MORE:

·         What information MUST you include on a food label?

·         When can pictures or brand names get you into trouble?

·         When can you declare “traces” of allergens?

·         When has my product been “substantially transformed” in Australia?

·         When do you NOT have to include an ingredients list or nutrition information?

·         How do you write an ingredients list that does NOT take up half of your pack?

·         When is something a food additive, a nutritive substance or a processing aid?



Charles Fisher

Charles is the food regulatory and compliance advisor to leading Australian and international food and beverage companies including food regulatory issues and product risk assessment and advice in relation to new product development projects and product marketing campaigns.