The workshop runs from 9 am - 1.00pm AEDT*


There is enormous pressure on food product suppliers and retailers to present products as natural and as free from artificial substances as possible.

It is essential to know precisely how every ingredient and substance will or might be declared on the product label and marketing... if it has to be declared at all.

This FoodLegal workshop focuses on the food labelling obligations under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code and how these can be interpreted, applied and circumnavigated to present the cleanest image of your product. Of course, without misleading or deceiving your consumers in breach of the Australian Consumer Law.

This workshop also covers claims and marketing strategies that go hand-in-hand with clean labelling practices, such claiming your product is "natural", a "superfood" or "100% free of anything artificial".

We will help you answer questions such as:

• How can I simplify my long ingredients list?
• When can I leave an ingredient off the label?
• What makes a substance "artificial"?
• When does a food substance become a processing aid? Or a food additive? Or a nutritive substance?
• How do I avoid breaching the Australian Consumer Law?

Numbers are limited to ensure an interactive experience

* AEDT is Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time

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