Food Labelling 101 & HEALTH CLAIMS - Sydney 2019

These two interactive half-day FoodLegal workshops will walk you through all the elements you need to consider when developing your product label, from allergen statements to ingredients lists and how to make a compliant health claim on your label and marketing materials.

Attend one session or both. Individual workshop pricing available via BOOK NOW link.

Food Labelling 101

Ideal for people with FMCG experience but new to the quirks of food regulation, as well as old hands wanting to know the latest enforcement priorities in relation to labelling.

We will help you answer all these questions and MORE:

  • What information MUST you include on a food label?
  • When can pictures or brand names get you into trouble?
  • When can you declare “traces” of allergens?
  • When has my product been “substantially transformed” in Australia?
  • When do you NOT have to include an ingredients list or nutrition information?
  • How do you write an ingredients list that does NOT take up half of your pack?
  • When is something a food additive, a nutritive substance or a processing aid?

Health Claims

Keen to position your food products as healthy and nutritious but don't know where the boundaries are?

Been working with complementary medicine but thinking about branching into food products?

This event is vital for anyone thinking about using health claims to set themselves apart in light of the recent ACCC case against Heinz (resulting in a penalty of $2.25 million) for representing their product as healthy.

We will help you answer all these questions and MORE:

  • Is the claim “healthy”… a health claim?
  • Where does the ACCC expect more than FSANZ in relation to health claims?
  • Does just mentioning probiotics, fibre or protein count as a health claim?
  • What is the difference between a “health claim” and a “nutrition content claim”?
  • How much science do you need to self-substantiate a health claim?
  • Does a health claim trigger any other labelling obligations?

Who should attend?

  • R&D
  • Marketing
  • QA
  • Legal
  • Regulatory