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Country of origin training videos

Our exhaustive online training package includes access to the entire series of eight online training modules, totalling approximately 50 minutes and will answer all of your queries in relation to the new Country of Origin Labelling laws, including:

  • Does the new Country of Origin Information Standard apply to me and my products?
  • How do I figure out whether my food is a priority food or not?
  • What is substantial transformation really?
  • Is there any way I can avoid the bar chart?
  • Do I really have to identify single countries of origin?
  • How can I use the new logos to set my products apart?
  • How do I avoid misleading or deceiving consumers with my new packaging?

What is 5 days access?
Once you purchase the training package, an email will be sent to the email address you provide. This URL will give you 5 days’ access to all eight training modules and quizzes from the time of payment. You can access any of the videos as many times as you want during this 5-day period. We recognise that 5-day access is a different purchase model, but our research into how consumers utilise online education indicates that an unlimited time period can result in under-utilisation of the content. What we found is that users may forget and never access parts of the course, or may wait until the information is out of date or no longer what they need. Consumers have found however that if they are working to a definite time period, they are better able to plan their use of the training. This way, they end up getting the benefit in a timely manner and when it is most valuable to them.

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