New NSW meat labelling sets precedent for the food industry

By Joe Lederman and James Elton
FoodLegal Lawyers and Consultants
© Lawmedia Pty Ltd, December 2009/January 2010


In December 2009, the New South Wales parliament assented to the Food Amendment (Beef Labelling) Bill, amending the Food Act 2003 (NSW). The aim of the Bill, in the words of the NSW Minister for Primary Industries, is ‘to address the issue of beef labelling by promoting consistent, consumer-orientated labelling systems that will inform consumer choices in relation to the quality of beef products.’ The legislation aims to provide consumers with detailed objective descriptors regarding cuts of beef, fat depth and the sex and age of the animal. Our article considers the broader implications for the food industry in relation to other legislative and industry-driven attempts to reduce the incidence of misleading and deceptive conduct.


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