FoodLegal InHouse is your comprehensive compliance management and risk assessment platform. InHouse analyses and interprets the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code as well as the Trade Measurement Regulations, the Australian Consumer Law and many more.

FoodLegal InHouse:

  • Enables you to make compliance decisions & risk assessments with certainty
  • Reduces the expanse of using external consultants
  • Streamlines compliance steps to get your product to market
  • Is simple enough for first time users and detailed enough for experienced users
  • Has a dynamic searchable database keeps you ahead of evolving developments

The FoodLegal InHouse compliance methodology explains the questions you should ask and gives the practical answers you need. With logical checklists, examples and precedents all in the one place, innovative food product development, labelling and marketing compliance issues will be identified earlier and overcome quicker.

To use FoodLegal InHouse you can choose to follow the ordered steps in the compliance methodology, starting from classifying each individual substance added to your food right through to your country of origin statement on the label.

Or you can use FoodLegal InHouse as a powerful search engine to focus on a particular ingredient or compliance issue, using the itemised and sorted results to tailor your solution.


Q. Will InHouse keep up to date with any changes to the Food Standards Code?
A. Yes. InHouse is constantly being updated to reflect any changes within the Food Standards Code and also as they happen within the food industry.
Subscribers will receive monthly email alerts to flag any changes made to InHouse. A notification and updates tab on the right hand side of the screen that will identify recent changes and additions.

Q. Does InHouse address areas of regulation outside of the Food Standards Code?
A. Yes, InHouse provides comprehensive guidance on a range of areas of regulation, such as trade measurement, ACCC, Australian Consumer Law, Health Star Rating system, Food Acts etc.

Q. Can I access individual Standards from the Food Standards Code?
A. All Standards and Schedules are accessible, fully searchable and printable.

Q. Does InHouse provide case studies and examples?
A. Yes, there are relevant links to case studies provided where applicable for each category. Examples are provided throughout InHouse documents where relevant to assist in decision making and interpretation.