FoodLegal InHouse is the knowledge management solution for resolving your food regulatory questions and assessing product compliance risk. Our cloud-based portal is accessible by your food company anytime, anywhere. A subscription to FoodLegal InHouse gives your organisation an invaluable asset to strengthen corporate resilience and improve risk mitigation.

An all in one source, comprehensive knowledgebase in food composition, labelling, marketing and packaging compliance
Supported by Australia’s premier food law consultancy FoodLegal and delivered in plain English

Generates faster product decisions with its end-to-end Product Lifecycle Management compliance methodologies
The clear practical guidance can be applied by anyone developing or supplying products

The up-to-date curated content is delivered as an easy to use, decision-making pathway
24/7 subscription access helps reduce your ongoing legal consulting fees and facilitates team collaboration
  • FoodLegal InHouse™ provides regularly updated guidance based on the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (ANZFSC). It also covers many other relevant areas, such as trade measurement, Australian Competition Consumer Commission (ACCC), pronouncements, Australian Consumer Law, the Health Star Rating system, the Country of Origin Labelling rules, relevant Food Acts, packaging laws and standards, and more.
  • Each topic area features a series of compliance decision-making tools along with the relevant laws and Plain English explanations for each step of the Food Standards Code. This is further supported by case studies, real world examples and relevant precedents all delivered as a ‘question based’ compliance methodology.
  • FoodLegal InHouse™ provides the basis for solving any questions your team might have during any stage of product development. Regardless of where your teams are located, get access to our knowledgebase portal online 24/7.
  • Project collaboration capabilities in FoodLegal InHouse™ support each of your products, and your teams. It enables your R&D, Marketing, QA and legal counsel teams to all be working from the same reference material at each step of the process. Project team members also have the ability to annotate information of interest for optimal usability
  • FoodLegal InHouse provides the basis for solving any questions your team might have during any stage of product development. Where there are potentially conflicting compliance viewpoints within your business, our knowledgebase can help facilitate consistency in decision making and managing the level of risk.
  • Its step-by-step guidance tools, and powerful search capabilities, arm your product development teams with our expert resources today.
  • We know that your product induction processes and product brand categories are unique to your organisation. That’s why we consult with you first in regards to your specific product compliance needs. We can then develop a customised subscription tailored specifically for your team Contact our team to find out how.


Q. Will FoodLegal InHouse keep up to date with any changes to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code?
A. Yes. InHouse is constantly being updated to reflect any changes within the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code and also as they happen within the food industry.
Subscribers will receive monthly email alerts to flag any changes made to InHouse. A notification and updates tab on the right hand side of the screen can identify recent changes and additions.

Q. Does InHouse address areas of regulation outside of the Food Standards Code?
A. Yes, InHouse provides comprehensive guidance on a range of areas of regulation, such as trade measurement, ACCC, Australian Consumer Law, Health Star Rating system, Food Acts etc.

Q. Can I access individual Standards from the Food Standards Code?
A. All Standards and Schedules are accessible, fully searchable and printable.

Q. Does InHouse provide case studies and examples?
A. Yes, there are relevant links to case studies provided where applicable for each category. Examples are provided throughout InHouse documents where relevant to assist in decision making and interpretation.