Our Services

Checking Artwork

FoodLegal can assess your product artwork. We frame our advice in terms of level of risk to assist you in your commercial decision-making process.

Crisis Management

FoodLegal can provide urgent assistance and crisis management services in the event of an emergency. This is tailored to your situation and can involve assistance with the threat of a product recall, a competitor complaint or an enquiry by a regulator.

Checking Websites

FoodLegal can assess your website to ensure compliance with relevant laws. This includes assessing the risk of any express or implied claims, and the application of relevant food laws.

Preparing Dossiers for Health Claims

FoodLegal has experience in preparing dossiers for substantiating health claims in a way that is compliant with the Food Standards Code.

Marketing Compliance

FoodLegal can assess your marketing for compliance with relevant laws, including the Food Standards Code and the Australian Consumer Law. We assess all forms of marketing, including labels, print, radio and television advertisements, and social media.

Preparing FSANZ Applications

FoodLegal has experience preparing and drafting Applications to FSANZ to change the Food Standards Code. We are able to liaise with FSANZ before and after submission to enhance the efficiency of the application.

Checking Media Campaigns

FoodLegal can provide assistance with media campaigns, including assessing the risk associated with any express or implied claims, and the impact of any intersection of imagery or consumer expectations with legal risk considerations.

Non-Compliance and Risk Assessment

FoodLegal frames its advice in terms of risk of non-compliance, which provides actionable options and conclusions to assist you in your commercial decision-making process. This is drawn from our extensive expertise in working with food companies and dealing with various regulators.


FoodLegal consults in all regulatory aspects of food, product development choices and strategies. We assist many companies from international companies to small and medium enterprises, and start-ups.

New Product Development

FoodLegal provides practical guidance and advice for food companies looking to establish a new product. We also work with marketers or product developers or development teams to address the regulatory aspects of bringing a new product to market.

Packaging and Labelling

FoodLegal can assess your packaging and labelling for compliance with all relevant laws, including the Food Standards Code, Australian Consumer Law, National Trade Measurement Regulations and the Country of Origin Information Standard. We can provide special arrangements for bulk assessment work.

Liaising & Negotiating with Government Agencies

FoodLegal has good relationships with Government agencies including state food regulators, FSANZ, the Department of Agriculture and the ACCC. We are able to communicate with government agencies on your behalf and assist in resolving any dispute.

Preparing Novel Food Submissions

FoodLegal has experience preparing and drafting novel food submissions. Depending on your needs, we can assist you in your submission or submit on your behalf. We have a wide network of food scientists and food technologists to ensure the relevance of the content of a submission.